Skin Technician

What is a Skin Technician?

A certified individual who through thorough training can identify and analyze various characteristics of the skin using high-tech tools such as a Skin Analyzing Magnifying Machine.

What is a Skin Analyzing Machine?

A sophisticated, mobile tool that uses a fluorescent black light with a magnifying mirror for analyzation the skin.

UV light causes the skin to look fluorescent (resembling a photo-negative) with various conditions of the skin appearing to radiate various colors.

What is the purpose of a UV Light Therapy Machine?

It aids in educating the client about their skin.

Provides diagnosis if there is a presence of blemishes, congestion under the skin, dehydration and degeneration of the skin that is not readily visible to the naked eye. 

In addition, allowing you to see underlying sun damage and enabling you to correct the outcome.

Through a magnifying mirror, this enables the technician and clients to see and be educated about their own skin characteristics first hand. 

You can also see the progress of improvement through the use of proper skin care products and track the results with the use of photo-rejuvenation.

What is Light Therapy?

UV therapy for many decades has been recognized widely as a medical treatment for Psoriasis, Acne, Vitiligo and Dermatitis among other skin conditions.  

It is free from dangerous side effects compared to many drugs used today and is becoming a popular alternative option for those with skin challenges.

How does Light Therapy Work?

The fluorescent lighting breaks down bacteria present in Acne and other skin challenges, aiding the skin in rejuvenation and balance.

How does the Skin Analyzing Machine Work for You?

Primarily aids in…
• Educating you on skin challenges and skin care solutions.
• Indicating and Tailoring your individual needs
• Stimulating a commitment to using correct skin care products consistently and faithfully to show the progression of healthy skin.