Bridal/Special Event FAQs

My feeling on wedding day makeup is that you should look like YOU on your BEST day…polished, elegant and most of all comfortable. Intensity, color choices and style of application varies and is taken into consideration based on the style of the person, time of day, theme or formality, lighting and most of all, what the client is comfortable with. Being comfortable in your own skin and feeling beautiful is the most important part of doing someone’s makeup for a special occasion.

Yes! Especially for weddings or very special events. I recommend meeting as far in advance as possible. Some brides call me right after they have become engaged and some may wait till the last moment and I’m happy to accommodate if I’m able. When we meet is determined by you. I recommend that we meet at least 2-4 months before the event. I also recommend ‘double dipping’ i.e. try and schedule the ‘trial run’ on a day where you have a luncheon, portrait, shower or other special event…definitely make dinner reservations…you want to wear the makeup out, be comfortable with it and get feedback in case you want to make changes etc. day of.

Please do, it’s always great to have a second respected opinion of someone who knows you well. Close friends and family know your style and can offer that second opinion on the style you choose.

I love, love lashes! I use individual lashes as often as possible and sometimes just a few well placed lashes make all the difference in the world. They aren’t just for brides, they are for everyone! I have found that those who have never used them but are game to try them love them and it becomes a must for the day of. Lashes come in all colors and lengths, when they are applied correctly they look so natural no one would know that they aren’t yours.

I have a few product lines that I really love that have great results. Some product lines work better than others and I have found that after using hundreds of lines and ‘trendy’ products there are some tried and true ones that never fail me whether it’s live TV, special event or the wedding day itself. Most are pharmaceutical grade and are botanic and organic. All have never been tested on animals (to my researched knowledge) and are sensitive skin friendly.

Airbrushed makeup is where a high quality water-based makeup is applied or ‘blown’ though an airbrush gun using a compressor creating a fine mist of foundation onto the face and creates a very soft, smooth and generally flawless finish. Airbrushing was designed for TV and HD makeup application and is now used in many professional arenas. I really feel that hand blending when done skillfully and with proper products can really create a similar look. It’s a matter of personal preference but both techniques wear well and translate beautifully on camera.

I have always believed in great skin so you want to take care of your skin first and foremost. Don’t get lazy and fall asleep with your makeup on or skimp on moisturizing. Drink PLENTY of water. Use a good skin care system that is customized to your skin needs to achieve balance and then you have a lovely, smooth, healthy base for the makeup application. In addition, I always use a wonderful primer for the eyes in addition to under the foundation. I have had brides and talent tell me their makeup stayed on well into the wee hours of the morning needing to only touch up their lipstick.

Absolutely, all the time. I have traveled across the country and into others for special events, shows and weddings. Wherever you are getting ready, either for a wedding or a special event, I’m happy to go onsite. I have found it’s actually much easier for the bride or the client as well because generally after makeup is…the dress. So being on location is very helpful.

Truthfully, I prefer not to do more than 1 wedding a day. There was a time when I would do 2-3 but I now have a personal policy of only 1 wedding. Timing and locations are considerations. When I’m booked for your wedding, that allows me to allocate plenty of time for that bride or client and that time is theirs and theirs alone. In addition, I always build in a little extra time for unforeseen circumstances so no one is rushed…but this is Washington DC….flexibility is key.

Yes! I’m very fortunate to have some wonderful friends and colleagues who are very talented with bridal and special event hair. Some are linked on my website but I’m happy to refer you to a few so you can contact them directly and find the one that suits you best.

I would allow 1 hour to 1:15 for the trial and the day of I prefer to have 45 minutes for the bride and 30 minutes for each additional person. Contrary to popular belief the bride, when working with a party of 3 or more, should NOT be last. I like to schedule the bride 2nd to last to allow for a cushion of time and so there is no rush for getting ready, photos etc.

I’m all about safe sun and with all the great spray tanning options out now it allows you to have some wonderful color for your event. My advice: try it well in advance, see how you like it, if you are comfortable and if it’s for you. Lighter is generally better….remember you want to look like yourself not an oompa-loompa. If you plan on tanning for your wedding or event, don’t book a tanning session and makeup application on the same day. It will be hard to match your true skin color and you may not get an accurate overall picture for day of. If your skin color is different day of then on the day of your trial, no worries, I can seamless adjust the coloring to compliment your new glow.

Yes! Please bring photos of makeup styles you like or those that inspire you in addition to any other details pertaining to the day (for brides: photos of the dress, attendant’s dresses, flowers etc.) its very helpful to see what style you might be aiming for. During our first meeting a lot happens and I ask a lot of questions. I look at the client’s hair, skin and eye coloring, shape of the face and features and we discuss the event, what look you have in mind and then design a look based on you and what you are comfortable with. I then make notes of colors, placement and products used so we are ready day of.

I’ve been told often I’m rather light handed when I apply makeup. My theory is that I can always apply more, create more intensity and drama if desired but its more challenging to subtract than to add. More is not always more. The point of makeup is to enhance. A great compliment to artful application is when someone comments on’ how lovely you look’ not on how great the shadow or product color is.

Clients who have sensitive skin are usually responding to the perfume/fragrance found in a product line or a product that has a very heavy petroleum or wax base. Airbrushing foundation on is a great alternative for sensitive skin and because of the airbrush technique the foundation is generally lighter and holds beautifully on the skin.

Actually, what is ‘normal’ is what the bride and her party is comfortable with. Most bridal parties love the process of getting ready for the day and everyone generally want to be pampered. If someone isn’t comfortable committing to having their makeup done prior to the day but changes their mind (as they often do day of) I always build in a little extra time just in case so no one is rushed and everyone feels included and comfortable. I do find that Mom’s are the ones that also really need to feel pampered day of. There are a million things to do and they are going to be in just as many photos as well, so having their makeup done is one less thing for them to worry about so they can go on and enjoy the day.

Well, since you asked….be open to suggestions. When you go to your hair stylist, your facialists maybe even your Dentist you choose them because of their skill, their expertise, maybe even their personality. You expect them to have your best interests at heart and to be honest. When we meet, I hope it under similar circumstances, and please realize I may see you differently than you see yourself. You look at yourself in the mirror every day, maybe even do the same makeup routine. Its likely you have features that you focus on or are sensitive to.

Artists look at color, we see bone structure, temperature, highlights and low lights, undertones and contours and then we see in our minds-eye what we would love to create with you as the canvas. It may be just subtly adapting a color or applying your favorite shadow in a different way…placement is everything and it doesn’t have to be dramatic to be different.

Be open to suggestions, things that maybe are new but know that unless you are comfortable they are just that, suggestions, ideas that are options.

Honesty is the best policy and there are few things as personal as doing someone’s makeup. That is based on trust and its not taken lightly I assure you. So be honest but open and…remember although its personal its just makeup, it washes off and you can start fresh or maybe ‘pop’ up your look a notch or try something you have always wanted to but maybe thought you couldn’t carry it off…or….could you?